Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities

At Redeemer, we want to tell the story of Jesus as a community.  That’s why Sunday Gatherings are vitally important to us as a local church. On Sundays we come to receive from God and to worship him, together, as we follow Jesus and enter into His story for us. During the week, we want to keep telling the story of Jesus as a community. Because of this, Redeemer gathers in smaller groups across the city.
We call these Gospel Communities. They gather weekly in different forms, but with three consistent aims; Word, Family, and Mission. Depending on the way in which a Gospel Community may gather on a particular week, one of these aims may be more strongly experienced and expressed than others -but it is our hope that all three of them are present in the lives of our Gospel Community members throughout the week.
Learning Truth
2 Timothy 3:16-17, Psalm 19:7-10
God IS truth. He reveals the truth of who He is in his holy scriptures and through the person and work of Jesus Christ. We want to know God more through His Word. This is why we want to be Word-centered people. Learning Truth in Gospel Communities means that we regularly engage with God’s Word through the scriptures.
Walking in Truth
2 Corinthians 4:6, 2 John 4
Our theology and our doctrine should inform the function of our lives. We walk in these truths in the everyday ins-and-outs of our life. We see the whole of our lives through the reality of the gospel. We walk in truth by understanding how the gospel informs who we are as parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, and on. Walking in Truth is living and speaking the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life.

Loving One Another
John 13:35
Christ’s disciples are to love one another and put others before themselves. A local church should devote itself to one another in service and relationship. We’re formed as disciples by extending the love of Christ. We share meals together, support one another, handle conflict gently and with grace. We seek to listen well and speak slowly. We pray unceasingly together.
Sharing All Things
Acts 2:44-45
We share our lives with each other and give to others in our body who have need. We take meals to people who need them, we loan our cars to others, we babysit children, we help others fix their kitchen sink. It also means that we actually share our emotions and fears, our victories and our failures.

Living Out
Matthew 28:19
We live with gospel intentionality in the ordinary places of our life. We make time to hang out on the front porch and talk with our neighbors. We meet, visit with, and talk to other parents at our children’s school and in their sports. At the neighborhood pool or playground we strike up a conversation. At the office we grab lunch with a co-worker. As we do these things - we live out the truths that we are learning and walking in. We engage with gospel intentionality in the places God has us. We serve our city and our community, partnering with our church and other city organizations for the good of our neighbors.
Inviting In
Matthew 9:2
Our lives are marked by the saving love of Jesus Christ. We have a story to tell and a joy to share. We frequently and graciously invite others into our lives. We open up our doors and our dinner tables to neighbors, friends, and those who God brings into our lives so that we might grow to love them more and they might know the God of the Bible.

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