Extraordinary God at Work in Ordinary People

We are a diverse, gospel-centered family learning and living the way of Jesus for the glory of God and the good of neighbor.
We believe the gospel (the news about Jesus) restores us to God, reconciles us to one another, and sends us on mission to love our neighbors and world.  We desire to be a local church that learns and lives out the realities of the gospel in everyday life. We want to share the stories of God working in and through our church that demonstrate the power of the gospel in people's lives.

Clark Story

Kevin and Natalie met in Memphis and married in 2017. They spent several years in Colorado where their son, Hudson, was born. In February 2020, they moved to Round Rock to be close to Natalie’s parents because her father’s health was deteriorating. They arrived in Texas one month before COVID caused global shutdowns. The following year, while the world struggled to right itself again, theirs crumbled further....

McCulloch Story

When Graham and Rachel McCulloch moved to Round Rock in January of 2022, they arrived in a city they did not know, to a house they had never seen, with nothing but their suitcases.  They left behind their family, friends, and church to move to a place where they didn’t know a single person...

Musgrove Story

The Musgroves had a solid financial plan in place to secure their family’s present and future. They were excited to welcome 2022 with open arms, unaware of the significant and life-changing events that awaited them...

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