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Genesis 3:1-13

Apr 14, 2024    Rick Bowers

The word genesis means origins or beginnings. The book of Genesis is the beginning of God’s story and is the starting point for a Christian worldview. It’s meant to introduce us to God and root us in his character and covenant.

Genesis came through Moses and was written as the first of five books called the Torah. It tells the story of the God who delivered the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt after 400 years. It answers the questions: Who is this God who has graciously saved us? What is he like? How did we get here? What went wrong? What has God promised? What does it mean to be God’s people in the world? In Genesis, we learn that God is the only true God. We meet him as the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who has made and upholds a covenant with his creation. He made human beings in his image to rule the earth on his behalf. We learn that God created everything good. The evil and brokenness we experience today result from human sin and the subsequent curse. But God is also a Gracious Redeemer who promises to restore his creation to the beautiful kingdom he intended it to be. As history unfolds, God’s character is further revealed. We learn that God is a Promise Keeper, a Provider & Sustainer, a Merciful Savior, and a Lifter of the Lowly. 

As Ken A. Matthews puts it, “If we possessed a Bible without Genesis, we would have a ‘house of cards’ without foundation or mortar.” As Christians today living in a secular, chaotic, wounding world, we need to rediscover our foundation. In this series, we will explore the familiar stories of Genesis, working to build a worldview rooted in God, his character, and his covenant.