Love the Nations


We are working to support disciple making and church-planting work across the globe through prayer, support, and mission trips.


In Latvia, we partner with the Baltic Pastoral Institute (BPI). The BPI trains, strengthens, and resources leaders so that they can start new gospel-proclaiming churches. Through several different programs and initiatives, they seek to transform lives with the gospel, raise up leaders, and make Jesus' name known in Latvia, the Baltic Region, and beyond.
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In Slovakia, we partner with Pastor Ervin Mittelmann and Mozaika Kosice in Kosice, Slovakia. Mozaika Kosice is a local church working to make Jesus the center of life in Kosice, a city with 0.2% Bible-believing Christians. Through their Missional Communities, they are reaching lives with Christ, supporting one another, caring for Ukrainian refugees, and pressing the gospel into areas it has never been.
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In India, we partner with Grow Gospel Initiatives. Grow is working across South Asia to plant new churches, open mercy centers to help those in need, and provide biblical training for leaders. Crossroads Church in Bangalore is one of their church plants with which we have an existing relationship. Through their initiatives and efforts, Grow is working to bring the message of Jesus to one of the world's most unreached people groups.