Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

What are Sundays like?

At our Sunday Gatherings, you'll hear our musicians play thoughtful, Christ-centered music, not as a performance but as an act of focusing our attention on God. You'll also hear honest and challenging Christ-centered messages that engage real-life and current cultural issues. Often you will hear stories of God at work in the life of our church, and be invited to share in communion with other believers. Most importantly, you'll get to meet a community of people gathered around Jesus, who care for the welfare and renewal of the city.

When we gather, our worship involves:

  1. Biblical & Christ-Centered Preaching - Preaching is an important part of our Gatherings.  We typically work through a book of the bible and consider it within the context of the larger story of God. From time to time we will teach through key biblical themes as they address specific aspects of following Jesus.
  2. Thoughtful Liturgical Worship - We want to have our Gatherings be shaped by the gospel story as much as possible.  This means each week we have a Call to Worship - Confession or Lament - Assurance - Benediction, all working together to form us in the biblical story of Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration.  Our musicians play thoughtful, Christ-centered music, not as a performance but as an act of focusing our attention on God.  We also loosely follow the traditional church calendar which helps us remember important Christian themes such as Pentecost, Trinity, Advent, and Easter.
  3. Taking Communion Together - Every week we set aside time in our gathering to take the Lord's supper together.  We do this as a celebration of Christ's body broken for us and his blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. We take communion in response to God's word. We welcome all baptized believers to go and take, whether it’s alone, with your family, or with others in the church.
  4. Generous Giving - We worship a generous God who has entrusted us with resources to steward for his purposes. An important part of worship is our response to give. At our gatherings, we have giving boxes at the back of our worship gathering. We encourage giving to be cheerful and sacrificial. The generous giving of God's people is needed to fund the ministry of our local church, help those in need, and enable us to help plant churches both locally and globally.

What about kids?

We do offer classes on Sunday mornings for our youngest kiddos in Redeemer Kids. You can read more about what we offer in Redeemer Kids and for Youth below.